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Many of the companies in have waste permits. This means that they can take away all unwanted waste to a legal certified waste centre. Sofas, beds, carpets even the garden shed and all its contents. Our members can call and help you clear out all your waste. Often it’s cheaper than a skip and a lot more convenient as it’s filled for you and gone within minutes. Perhaps you live in an area that does not have room to put a skip, so this is an ideal solution. A good idea is to bag everything where possible that needs to be taken away. Try also to keep it dry and clean if possible. The van may need to be clean for its next job so companies really appreciate this effort. Some items such as rubble may not be suitable for this service as the van may get destroyed. This service is available by selecting the “recycle” option in the “job category” part of the online form and fill out the rest as normal.

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