About Us

We operate as an agent matching client’s needs with Van operators in their area who can fulfil the needs of the client. Check out our brief video on the main page for a explanation of what we do.


How it works for clients   (Those looking to move)


The service is 100% free for clients.


Clients fill out an online form giving details of the move. See our tips for clients to maximise the benefits of the site.


The details of this form, less your contact details, are sent instantly to all operators who work in your area and might be able to facilitate the move. WE have Van operators all over Ireland so will get local operators for your move. See our drivers directory.


Up to 4 Van Operators will contact you to discuss the move and agree a price.


You choose the Van Operator that you wish to use and agree terms with the operator. See our tips for choosing an operator in our tips for clients section.


Vanquotes works. These are some of the testimonials left by customers.



 How it works for Van Operators



Van and truck operators can register 100% free with Vanquotes.ie by filling in an online form provided. Read our tips for operators to maximise benefits of the site.  Operators must agree to the terms and conditions of Vanquotes.ie.


Operators request leads from selected areas that match their profile.


You will be offered jobs to tender for by text and email. This service is instant. Once the customer fills out the form the job details (less contact details) are sent to you instantly.

Van and truck operators can buy the contact details of the leads as per our pricing policy.  All prices will be mentioned in the text and email. If you don’t want to buy the right to tender for the job there is no charge.

The first 4 van and truck operators that request the details of the leads will get them. Any other operators that request the details after the first 4, will not get the details and will not be charged.

There is a nominal price charged per lead for receiving the text. There is no charge for the email lead.

The operators contact the client and discuss details of the move and agree a price.



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