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“A man with a Van” is one of the latest phrases; it is often used to describe the services of those individuals and companies, who will use their vans or trucks to transport or remove items, as required by the general public. These vans/trucks come with a driver who can collect and drop off your items at a time and place convenient for you.

Man with a van services are fast becoming the popular choice for all methods of transportation to date. In particular, man and van services are sought after in the following circumstances: when a moving van hire, relocation van hire, courier service or even rubbish removal service, is required. The vast range of services available to you through a man with a van service is ever increasing, as is the need for such services.

However, the advances and expansion of services provided by man with a van, and indeed the increase in the need for these services, have not been reflected in their pricing. The man with a van service prices, have been kept significantly low due to the high competition rates, in this sector. This is a great benefit for those of you seeking such a service. A Man with a van is not only a cost effective means of transporting your goods, it is one of the most convenient: with day time, evenings and weekend services available.

In 2012, there has been a huge increase in the number of people searching for: “Van Hire Dublin”services. However, despite “Rent a van Dublin” searches being on the rise a “man with a van Dublin” service is no doubt the better option. If you chose to hire a “Van Man Dublin” service, you will find that your transportation and/or removal options will drastically increase. Moreover, the transportation of your items will not only be made hassle free, but effortless on your part. Hiring a man with a van in Dublin means: you do not need to concern yourself with matters of insurance for the van, nor do you need to worry about lifting loads, boxes or any other bulky items, all you need to do is arrange a pick up and drop off time and date.

So if you are in need of a van hire service, or better yet, a man with a van service, here are some things you may need to consider:

Your location and delivery location: Although the man with a van services have become the popular choice in Dublin: they are also a popular choice throughout the rest of Ireland. Moreover, just as there are a high number of man and van services available in Dublin, there are an equal number of such services available and required in surrounding counties from Kildare, to Galway to Mayo etc. Therefore, if you are considering hiring a man with a van Galway it is important you choose the individual or company that is closest to you, hiring a Dublin company to transport goods from Galway to Dublin can be quite a costly venture due to the lengthy trip. To reduce costs, you should consider opting fora “Man with a van Galway” service – as this is the primary location of your goods.

Your requirements: People often over or under estimate the size van or truck they will require. Therefore it is important to pre- plan what exactly you will need transported by a man with a van or truck and what items you may be able to transport yourself. Pre- determining the load you need to transport is another key element that can save you both time and money. It is pointless hiring a small van when it is inevitable that you will need a medium just as it is ridiculous to hire a large van where a medium will do the job. Failure to recognise the size of your load is not only costly financially it can also be time consuming, particularly where a vehicle is too small to carry the load. So I urge you please plan ahead and be sure that you and your man with a van understands your needs.

Your budget: How much you are willing to spend to have your load transported should be realistic. VanQuotes is a company that offers the cheapest prices for man with a van services. It is a free price comparison site that allows you the user, to post an advert for your requirements. Then all relevant man with a van services can bid to transport your items for you. Please note you should not necessarily book the cheapest quote you receive, it is always best to review the terms and conditions of your agreement.

How to choose the best service for you?

Just to recap, in order to choose the best service for you, it is important to plan ahead, and ensure both you and the driver understand your transport requirements.

It is always best to review what is on offer for the price you are paying, and be sure to read the terms and conditions of your agreement.

If a friend, family member or even colleague has ever required and used a man with a van service it is always best to see if they would recommend them, if not you should request some customer testimonials from your chosen man with a van. Be sure to have a phone conversation and or meeting with your man with a van prior to the date of pick up.

Good Luck!

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