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For accuracy


1. Walk around the house and make a list of all the furniture you want to take. Make a note of the pieces of furniture that can be dismantled.  At this stage you should also be deciding if you want to take all the furniture with you. There is no point in getting removal companies to move furniture that will not be wanted in the new house. Ask questions like


* Will that item of furniture fit in the room it’s meant for?

* Is the item of furniture old and broken and need to be replaced soon?

* Is there room in the van for it in the move?

* Can I sell the piece of furniture and get a new upgrade?  


2. List the pieces of furniture that are to be moved. List them room to room and largest to smallest. The Removal Company will use this information when loading the van. In general removal companies load the van with the largest items first and fill gaps with the smaller pieces. Doing this just makes their life easier and therefore should result in a better quote. Some removal companies will look for the dimensions of larger items.


3. When going room to room try and estimate the number of bags and boxes you will need for the items in the presses and wardrobes.


4. List awkward item such as the lawnmower and the kids swing set.


When you are armed with this list of furniture and approximate amount of boxes and bags then you are ready to start getting quotes. Because you have made this list you know the quote should be accurate and there should be no surprises on the day. The last thing you want is a removal company arriving with a mid-sized van because you underestimated the size of the load. This could result in two trips and that could mean a higher price to the one you were quoted originally.




Best Price


 There are some tips I can recommend in trying to keep the price down for the move. Once again it’s all about making the life of the mover as easy as possible.


1. Perhaps the smaller items can be moved by you by car if the new home is close. Don’t break your your back in order to do this though. A van can hold quite a bit more than a car will make in multiple trips and it may be a lot less stressful to get the movers to move all the boxes.


2. Getting extra help is the best way to keep the price down. If you can rope in 2 or 3 able lifters the move time should be reduced dramatically. If you do this let the driver be the one to supervise the  loading of the van. He will know the best way to get the most out of the space and should also pack the van in such a way as to minimise damage caused in transit. Make sure to let the van company know that you are providing the extra help and therefore should get a quote representing that fact.


3. If you live in an apartment as opposed to a house most of the time involved in the move will be bringing the goods through the apartment building and down the lifts to the front door. You can drastically reduce the price if you enquire about a door to door move. What this means is that you have everything downstairs waiting in the lobby for the removal men. All he has to do is pull up and load. At the other end have him unload into the lobby and then you and your friends bring it into your new apartment. This same method can be used house to house by moving all the items to the driveway. No need to say that you will have to be very confident about the weather. Get the removal man to call you an hour or so before he will be arriving. Start moving the items before he arrives and have them all ready before he gets there.


5. Dismantle any furniture that can be dismantled. This makes the lifting easier and allows more space in the van.


4. If you agree an hourly rate instead of a price for the whole move then make sure everything is ready. Keep corridors and hallways free so the movers can work quickly and work alongside them so you can dictate the pace.



Price should not be the only variable to decide which removal company to use. You are giving them responsibility to look after your goods. You need a minimum level of experience and professionalism. If the removal company are sloppy in their approach to giving you a quote they may also be negligent looking after your goods. At Vanquotes we have a feedback system that allows you to check the feedback left by previous customers who used the company you were considering.  You are then asked to rate the company you choose and this information is then available to the next customer who is considering using their services. We read all comments and if there are any negative ones, we contact the driver and the client and see what happened. We pride ourselves in being diligent when it comes to customer service. Any driver that falls below our high standards does not work for us anymore.  


After you get the quotes for your move and have decided on the company you wish to use get them to send a mail with a breakdown of the move and the agreed price.

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