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  • How close are the pickup and drop off points for your move?


As mentioned before Irelands favourite van is the Ford transit van. If your pick up and drop off areas are close then you could consider using this type of van to make multiple trips.  Choosing to get quotes for your move from this type of van means you are getting a larger volume of quotes. A larger volume of quotes generally means that you will get better prices. If however, the drop off is a longer distance away from the pickup point then you will want to do the job in one trip. A larger van will be needed.


  • What’s the size of your load?


How much are you moving? When deciding which van to choose this is the most basic question and one that people get wrong a lot. You must be accurate. You must be honest. To get an accurate quote, this is essential. To get the correct sized van this is equally essential. The last thing you or a removals company want is all the items not fitting into the van because you left items off the list when getting the quote.  Make a list and try to be as accurate as possible.


  • Are there any items that are quite large?


Vans have different heights and lengths and if you have an item that needs to be moved and its large (tall or long) then you will have to be careful which van to choose. An average of van dimensions is available on in the form to get quotes.


  • Are any items of great weight?


Pianos for example are upwards of 500lbs and need to be kept upright. Van drivers are generally quite strong but even a few of them would make hard work lifting a piano into a van. If you need to move something that’s heavy you will need a van with either a tail lift or a ramp. You will also need the van company either to supply two people to do the move or you could help if strong and able.


  • Height/width restrictions?


This is the area that people tend to forget. Are there any overhanging trees that will prohibit a van getting to the front doors? Is there an arch on the front gate? If you are in an apartment, what is the height restriction in the car park? Can the van get a turn in the driveway so as to be able to get out? All these questions may determine the type of van you need.


Vanquotes lets the van operator (the expert) make the judgement call on which van is needed for the move. When you fill in the form you are asked which van you think would be needed for the move. In the comments section just let them know about anything that might be a factor in the type of van to choose. They will see this and if they have the correct solution for your move they will get back.


Vanquotes make moving easy.

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