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not let down

1. Be accurate with what has to be moved. Imagine this scenario; the van company arrives with a mid-sized van after you have given them an incomplete list of items to be moved. The items do not fit into the van. Two trips may be needed increasing the price. Worse still, you may be left with the move being unable to happen.


2. A price that’s too cheap to believe may be just that.  The removal company may have priced your job on the basis that they have a return trip to supplement the cost. That return trip may have been cancelled. This may lead to the quote given for doing your job being unprofitable.  An unprofessional company may cancel. Avoid this by using a professional moving company and getting an email in advance. In this email ask them to include a breakdown of the move and a time and date for the job. Get them to include the price and to list the items they agree to move for that price.


3. Stay in contact with the removal company. Email or call them the day before to confirm the arrival time. Get them to contact you if they are delayed. Delays happen, so please remember to accept that time changes may be unavoidable.


4. Be polite and expect the same.


5. Read feedback left by previous customers. Good sites will release negative as well as positive feedback. If the Removal Company has a history of negative feedback, avoid them.


6. Use a reputable removals company.  Companies such as compare removal companies and their prices. They offer feedback and a wealth of experience.  


Avoid being let down by following these points use and have a safe and stress free move.

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