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 I’m Dermot Long. I’ve been a van driver for 6 years. I started just before the recession took a nose dive and have been plodding away at it since. I have a Luton Box body van that I bought for €5000 from an auction. I was told there would be some work available from a local nationwide furniture retailer so I took the plunge and bought the van. I got about 3 days’ work delivering beds and sofas around the Cork and Limerick areas. That was all I needed to keep going as my wife has a part time job.  The recession hit the store and I ended up only doing about a day and a half’s work a week. I needed to supplement my income so looked into working for myself. I joined Vanquotes on the recommendation of a friend who had done some work for them before. I’m not from the city centre so any work I do has to be local or I need a few jobs lined up to make it worth my while going into town.  I’m from the Clonakilty area so do most of my work around there. The N71 is my road and travel from Bandon to Skibbereen most days. This is an example of a day’s work with Vanquotes.


Had a pick up from Rosscarbery of a Sofa a Bed and a chest of drawers. The Lady was elderly so I had someone else in the van to help lifting. I was dropping the items to her daughter in Bandon.  The items were difficult to get out of the house as there was a lot of furniture blocking the corridors. Part of the job of a Man with a van is to overcome these situations. It took us about an hour to move the few items of furniture out of the house and into the van. Normally this should have taken about 15 minutes. In Bandon the job was much easier. 20 minutes to unload and then we put the bed back together. We got a nice tip for the earlier inconvenience.


I was late to my next job because of this delay. A small apartment move from Old Chapel, near Bandon to the Cork City Centre.  The customer had just bags and boxes a TV some bed side lockers. There was a lift in the apartment so the move was easy. Doing removals from apartments without lifts can be hard work and we always enquire before we arrive so we don’t have any shocks. The drop off in the city Centre was to a small town house in the University area. Unloaded in 30 minutes.


That was all I had to do today. Both jobs were booked via Vanquotes and there were no issues. As a van driver I try to be polite and leave the customer as satisfied as possible.  By doing this I hope to get a call back if they need anything done in the future or they may pass on my number if someone they know needs something done. Putting the name about is the best way of drumming up business. I leave cards and stick up a few on any notice boards in apartments that I do work in. Although most of my work is small moves such as the apartment move mentioned we have also done large house moves that have taken a few trips in the van.  My removal van is a workhorse and I love my job. There may be heavy lifting and hard days but every day is new and a different adventure.      

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