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I drove Mercedes Sprinter LWB until I got a contract from a kitchen fitter in Newtownmountkennedy.  The kitchen units are large and heavy. For the first few jobs I borrowed my friends Luton van with a tail lift but when I realised the work could be regular I traded my Sprinter up for a Box Body with a tail lift. I only do about 1 full day’s work for them; usually a Tuesday but there could be 4 or 5 runs on a busy day. Some runs are small like a sink that needs to be dropped out to the fitters on site and other times it could be a full 20 piece kitchen with marble work tops. This job basically pays for the van.


I got the lead through vanquotes. Vanquotes sends out leads to drivers depending on the area they are in and the size of the van. Tis job was marked recurring. Recurring means that it’s a company that are looking for a regular driver to help them. I called the kitchen fitter and got the job. I agreed a fixed rate for a day’s work and it was agreeable to them. I’ve done work for them for 8 months now and their business seems to be growing which is great for them and me. It’s not at a stage yet where they would get their own van but the one day a week suits them and I’m happy with the arrangement.


Once I know I have Tuesdays set aside for this work I plan the rest of my week. As a van driver, the work is different every day. Sometimes I get to move people into their new house. This is the best type of job. Moving into a new home is always a happy time. It’s great to see the children run around the rooms and explore the garden.


My job however is hard. Moving people into houses can be a lot of work. Last week I had to do a full 3 bed house move from Inch, just outside Gorey, to Carlow. I arrived on the Wednesday with packing boxes and myself and my helper moved from room to room packing all the contents of the house into 60 storage boxes. We also filled about 20 black bags. Once the wardrobes and presses were emptied we stacked all the boxes in the garage which was easily accessible from the driveway. We put them there to free up space in the rooms. Packing took most of the first day of this move.


Larger items were loaded into the van first. This included the beds (unassembled), mattresses, bed side lockers, cots, sofas and table and chairs. There were a few white good including a large American style fridge. This lot took up most of the space in the van and we filled the gaps with about half of the boxes and bags. Once this was loaded we headed to Carlow. There are a few ways from Gorey to Carlow but we cut across the mountains. We arrived in Carlow about 5pm and unpacked. We placed the furniture in the rooms and the boxes we had labelled so we knew where they were going.  We did not finish till about 7pm. We still had another load in Inch and we had arranged to meet the customer there the following morning at 10am. The next load was also a full load. There was a shed which had bikes and a BBQ along with some outdoor furniture. People always forget the outdoor stuff and the attic when estimating the items they need to be moved. Luckily it all fit into the second run. We had unloaded the items in Carlow by 4pm and I headed home.


I get to do this type of move every few weeks and they are hard work. Most of the time loads are smaller. Someone may have bought a sofa from Buy and Sell or Adverts. There may be some garden items someone wants dropped to their mobile home. A son or daughter may be moving up to Dublin for work and need a van to take a study desk along with their personal items. The work is varied and that’s why I love it. I work for myself, I set my own schedule but I never refuse work. I know that times can get slow; a new man with a van or removal company may open close to me or things just might take a downturn. I take work when it come in and relax when I get a free day.  

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