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One of the most frequent questions we get asked at vanquotes is what type of van is needed for my load? One major factor in this question is, how good are the packers?


Professional packers should use every ounce of space in a van if they think it will be close to a full load. They load and unload vans daily and know how to get the best value for the space available. After years of doing this they become Tetris experts. They should know by looking at a load the order they must load a van to get the greatest use of space. What a lay person will load into a van is usually a lot less than one of our experts.


Hiring a professional rather that doing it yourself will save you time and possibly money. Imagine the scenario; you hire a van and it takes 3 trips and two days of hire to complete the job. A good packer may have done it in two loads and taken one day. This will have saved you time, rental costs, a day off work or a day off your holiday plans, a wasted weekend and possibly rent on a property. This along with the stress involved with the move and having to ask favours from friends to help lifting and others to look after kids during the move. It can make sense both financially and practically.  


To tackle this question I broke down the vans into our two most popular. The two most popular vans used for removals are The Transit or Sprinter Long Wheel Base or the box body van, typically a Luton Van. Here are typical loads for these two van types. These loads are what a professional removal expert should get into the vans.  You may be surprised at how much they can fit in.



The Transit Van.


Typical payload weight is 1300kg. Aprox load space Length 2.4m, Width 1.7m. Height 1.4m or 1.65m with medium roof.


Load 1.

2 double beds dismantled (not divan) with mattresses.

1 three seater sofa.

1 kitchen table (top off) and 6 chairs (stackable).

1 washing machine

1 Tumble dryer

1 TV stand and Large flat screen TV

4 bed side lockers

2 Four drawer chest of drawers.

3 small IKEA style bookshelves.

1 small study desk and chair

1 hall table

30 boxes or bags.



Load 2.

4 unloaded pallets.


Load 3.

10 Office tables (dismantled)

10 under table pedestals.

10 Office Chairs.

10 file boxes.

10 Computer Screens.



Load 4.

100 medium sized storage boxes.



The Luton Box body Van.


Weight payload 1500kg. Aprox load space dimensions, Length 4m, width 2m, height 2.2m. May vary slightly depending on model.



Load 1.

1 three seater sofa and

1 two seater sofa

1 single arm chair

1 tall display cabinet

1 TV stand and TV

1 long dining room sideboard

2 Double beds (not divan) and mattresses.

2 Kids beds

1 cot and changing table

1 kitchen table and chairs (stackable).


2 Bikes

1 Washing machine.

1 Tumble dryer.

1 large fridge

3 Chests Of Drawers.

1 small wardrobe

40 boxes or bags.



Load 2.

4 pallets.



Load 3

7 unpacked pallets.


Load 4

150 average sized boxes or bags.


Load 5.

15 dismantled office tables.

15 Pedestals

15 Office chairs.

1 Large printer.

30 file boxes.



These loads are typical but not exact. One sofa may be 3 meters long and another 1.5mtr. Wardrobes differ is size from huge (that have to be taken apart to get down the stairs) to small single door. All items are different sizes and shapes. If you are unsure about the type of van needed call us at or ask the removal company or man with a van to come out to you and asses the job. These are professional and should put your mind at ease with an answer as to whether it will all fit. Remember if you live close to the area you want to go to then there should not be an issue with getting the van driver to do the job in a few trips.  If this is the case; get a price for the job and let them take as many trips as needed or agree a price per load. Usually the first load will be the most expensive and then tailor them down. For example €100 for the first and €70 for any extra needed.   You will always get more into a van if you take a bit of time and dismantle anything that can be taken apart. If this is something that you can’t do, just ask the removal company to include this service in their quote.


At vanquotes we ask you to choose the type of van you think is most suitable to your move. I hope the typical payloads mentioned helps. More important than getting this correct is to fill in the comments section with the items that have to be moved. This will give the Removals Company or man with a van a better idea of the job and enable them to quote more accurately. Remember if you are unsure you can call us at the number at the top of the page or ask the removal company to call out and go over the move.

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