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Moving from one location to another is a costly activity in itself regardless of the reasoning. Thus many people often question the need to hire a removals company – failing to realise the amount of physical and organisational activity that is involved with the movement of contents from one premise to another. It is not simply a matter of implementing a checklist and moving the items. There is a lot of physical activity involved in carrying the entire contents of an office or home from one location to another, beds chairs, cookery, and office equipment can be quite heavy not to mention the possibility of back injury due to poor lifting techniques.

Packing boxes is one thing, but lugging them in and out of vans and up and down stairs is another, and can be extremely exhausting, and dangerous – especially if rushed to meet a tight deadline to vacate the property.

Moreover people fail to realise the careful planning and removal processes that have been put into place by removal services in terms of what items should be moved first and last, what items should be carried together and which should not. This task can be particularly daunting for movers with a sizeable amount to transport, or with lots of valuable items, such as antique furniture or fragile pieces. For these reasons sometimes it is best to pay for someone else to carry the burden and indeed the load in the case of removals – thus allowing you to focus on the rest of your move.

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