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tiger move

Although most of the time I move the same things; sofas, beds, furniture, bags of clothes and contents of sheds, occasionally I get asked to move some odd things. I have moved a mechanical Tiger for a marketing company. Check out the photo. I have moved a van full of priests belongings to a retreat in Kerry, I have moved canoes to Wexford and probably most unusual, a single box of Muffins for a marketing company from Dublin to Cork.  

Although most of my work is house removals and apartment moves, more and more of the one time work is for companies.  I enjoy the variety of work I do. Every day is different and I meet new people all the time. There are not many jobs that you can say about that.

Vanquotes fills my schedule. It makes trips more economical and gives me the few extra jobs a week I need to survive in this business.  If you are moving house or apartment or want a sofa brought down the road I would recommend Vanquotes. Hopefully I will get to do the job.

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