Corrib Self storage

Corrib Self storage

Bushy Park, Galway City, Ireland.,

Tel. 091 526 553

Areas that we are closest to.


1.  Galway

2.  Mayo

3. Clare

4. Roscommon

5. Westmeath


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Average prices of the units.


€100 + V.A.T. @ 23% per month


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Manager on site at all times;



Why are so many people storing their belongings? There are several reasons:

Moving houseperhaps you have sold your own home but you are still looking for a new home to move into and need to put your furniture somewhere in the meantime.

Renovating or decorating and need to remove the furniture to prevent damage and also to allow for work to take place.

Buying/ Building a new home.
Your new home is being built and you have perhaps moved in with a friends or in-laws. However it is a rare situation where there is space for your furniture too. People find self storage the ideal solution.Due to the nature of building a house and the difficulty in predicting completion dates, it is common for people to use self storage. It offers them flexibility- rent from month to month, and also allows them to purchase and store new furniture in a modern, heated, secure unit.

Lifestyle & Hobbies.
Storage space in our homes is quite limited and renting a storage unit can be like having a garage or a garden shed (a very safe and secure one). Perhaps your hobby requires the use of equipment that can take up a lot of space or very sensitive items. Equipment such as golf clubs, surf boards, bicycles or comics, pictures stamp collections. Storage units can keep your valuables from taking up precious space in you home and also keep it away from the mischievous hands of children.  

In today’s homes we are in favour of less clutter but our homes are being built on smaller plots with very little storage space. Self storage allows us to hold on to those valued possessions without having to clutter our homes.

What do people store:

Gym equipment



Boxes of toys, pictures


Musical instruments


Seasonal clothes

Presents and much much more…


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