News » Confessions of a removal man: 'We emptied the wrong house 2015-03-13


"We were moving a client from France to the UK. The lorry returned from Calais and parked up at our Acton headquarters. I heard a bump from inside and assumed the ramp was loose and had fallen over. It was only when we opened the back that we were greeted by ten smiling yet illegal immigrants who had hitched a ride, so we called the police."


‘We emptied a house in London, filled two vans and sent the family off to their new home in Devon while we filled a third van. We found their cat asleep upstairs, so popped him in the van as well. We expected a tearful reunion between the family and cat when we got to Devon, only to discover that it wasn’t their cat.’


"We went to do a quote for a removals job at a house in Notting Hill, only to find that the occupant was a real hoarder. In the drawing room, a wall of furniture and other effects were piled up to the ceiling, so I asked whether there were any surprises for our men in there. She replied that there were three upright pianos but she hadn’t seen them in years. It must be quite hard to lose one piano in a house, never mind three."

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