Mention in the Times 2018-06-17

Delighted to get a mention in this weeks Sunday times. Thanks to all the drivers from who contributed. Moving stories: tales from removal teams It’s not just those who are upping sticks who hit snags, the team delivering their worldly goods face troubles of their own, finds removals expert Conrad Byrne Read more »

Guide to Moving house 2015-03-27

10 Tips to Take the Pain out of Moving


  1. 1. Who’s Moving You? Are you going to hire the professionals or do it yourself? Be realistic about the amount of stuff you have to move. If you’re hiring a van to move yourself, make sure it’s the right size.
  3. 2 Prepare to create more rubbish than you thought possible. Whether you’re moving from the smallest apartment or downsizing from a large family house, you’ll be surprised/horrified by the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated. Hire a skip or get plenty of refuse sacks. If you have large pieces of furniture or appliances that are still in goodish condition, but which you simply have no more use for, give it away through Dublin Waste or Jumble Town. Do all this at least a week before moving day. Some charities take furniture, but phone first to check. Get all the moving gear and lots of it before you start e.g strong tape, thick markers to write contents on boxes, scissors (at least two pairs!), tissue paper, a razor knife, bubble wrap, newspaper and cardboard boxes.
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Confessions of a removal man: 'We emptied the wrong house 2015-03-13

Removal men reveal their most unusual experiences, from accidentally abducting a pet to the time illegal immigrants hitched a ride in the van


"We were moving a client from France to the UK. The lorry returned from Calais and parked up at our Acton headquarters. I heard a bump from inside and assumed the ramp was loose and had fallen over. It was only when we opened the back that we were greeted by ten smiling yet illegal immigrants who had hitched a ride, so we called the police."

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Drivers warned that petrol and diesel prices are set to rise after record falls 2015-03-13

According to The Irish Independent,

Petrol retailers have begun to push up prices at the pumps despite continued low crude oil costs. The move has been criticised by consumer groups.

Record falls in the price of crude oil had seen the average driver paying around €40 less a month for petrol and diesel.

But drivers reported at the weekend that some retailers have begun to raise their prices.

Petrol retailers blamed the weakening of the euro against the dollar, as crude oil is priced in the American currency.

AA Ireland's Conor Faughnan warned drivers to now expect to end up having to pay between 2c and 3c more a litre over the next few weeks.

But he said there was no evidence that petrol retailers were pushing prices quicker than they had reduced them.

Crude oil prices have halved, with the price still hovering around $50 (€44), but the weakening euro was making it more expensive for retailers to buy refined petrol and diesel.

"Oil prices have reached the bottom. We had six months of falls, but that is now over prices will trend up again.


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New Speed on Irish roads 2015-03-27

Motorists will be allowed to decide what speed to use when driving on narrow country lanes from today.


Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe is set to unveil changes to rural road signs and new "urban slow zones" in housing estates.


Existing 80 kilometres per hour speed signs will be replaced by a new black circle with a diagonal line.


Donohoe said the Department has learned that putting a number on a speed limit sign "creating an incentive for people to travel at that speed limit, as opposed to below it."


He said the numberless sign will encourage people to use their own judgement for a safe speed, and travel below the overall limit for the area.


It is in keeping with international standards and will require motorists to use their judgement when using such roads.

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Used van prices rising. 2015-10-04

It’s not just Irelands used house prices that are going up. Just like the lack of houses built since the crash, nobody was buying commercial vehicles and the effects are being keenly felt.


Last week I was in an auction yard in Dublin, just off the Naas road. It was Thursday, which is commercial vehicle night. It is very seldom that I buy anything at auction, but they are a great source of information and a quick way to get a feel on pricing and activity in the sector. The first thing I noticed about the auction was the quality of the stock, frankly it was terrible. I could not find a single van that was modern, low mileage and retail good. This paucity of stock may also have account for the lack of serious bidders, since there was little here to attract them.

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Irish Road Haulage Association appeal to the Government to reduce tax on Heavy Goods Vehicles 2015-07-25

Taxes on HGVs in Ireland are amongst the highest in Europe

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IRHA signs up for road safety campaign 2015-10-04

The Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) has signed up to a new road safety campaign, which focuses on delivering safer roads for Dublin.

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Irish Road Safety Week 6th - 12th October 2014 2015-10-01

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is urging people nationwide to get involved in the seventh annual ‘Irish Road Safety Week’, the national drive to save lives and prevent injury on Irish roads. This call comes as deaths on Irish roads have remained high this year, after increasing for the first time since 2005 last year. This year, ‘Irish Road Safety Week’ will run from Monday 6th October to Sunday 12th October, and the RSA is urging people to get involved in this national drive to save lives.

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The White Van Man 2018-09-01

The White Van Man has got a reputation for the kind of aggressive and selfish driving that can inspire road rage in the most mild-mannered motorist. However, a recent report suggests that public perception and reality don’t match, and that White Van Man is statistically safer behind the wheel.

Over the years white van drivers have got bad press, but it turns out that they are significantly less likely to have an accident. A report by British motoring organisation the RAC compared road users’ opinions of white van drivers with accident figures from the Department of Transport, and the results make for interesting reading.

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