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Removal Companies


Moving home can be a stressful time.


Why not let professionals take over. It will work out a lot cheaper than you think.


As a comparison site we get you independent local removal companies to tender for your move.  Removal companies will have trolleys to make it easier to move large items. They should also have blankets to protect any furniture and straps to secure items in the van.  You can order a team of lifters or just help the driver yourself. 


Removal vans come in all shapes and sizes. The removal company should know the size of the van needed from your discription of the move. Remember a large move could be done with a medium sized van if the distance between is not far.


To get some moving quotes just click on the Big Orange "get Quotes" Button above and get companies to contact you with their best price.


If you have any question you can call us at 01- 5545665 for advice. Don’t forget these people are professionals and can pack a lot into a van.





Yes this service is available. Some companies regularly travel overseas.

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