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Office Removals


We make all Office Moves easy.


We have companies who will come in and assess your move and give you a quote.


See if there are any local to you in our drivers directory. They have trolleys and ramps so moving that filing cabinet will be easy.


Be it a small operation up a few flights of stairs with no lift or a large operation in an office block , we have companies standing by to offer you the best value around. As a comparison site we can get you independent local removal companies to tender for your move. 


Most companies will be able to disassemble desks and reassemble them on location. You can ask for as many helpers as you want or if it is small perhaps you can help yourself. How about an evening move ? Click this option in the online form. Perhaps this will be the least disruptive for your business.


How about a Saturday or a Sunday move? The day and time is up to you.


Make it less stressful by using a professional removals company. It’s a lot cheaper than you think.


To get some quotes click on the Big Orange "Get Quotes" Button above and get companies to contact you with their best price.


Before you move you should check out our tips on moving. There is no point in moving unwanted furniture so why not declutter by selling unwanted furniture  at one of Irelands many auction houses. There is also the option of selling it yourself online at sites such as gumtree and . If there is anything that cant be sold and is waste then we can help. Check out out recycling service. For a list of recycle centers close to you we have a recycling centre directory.



If you need any more information about how works perhaps its been answered in our FAQ section


If you think you area ready and would like to get some quotes for the move then fill in click the Big Orange "Get Quotes" Button above and get companies contact you with their best price.

Extra Help

Depending on the size of the office that is to be moved, you may need extra help.

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