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Boxes are available free from local supermarkets. They need to be got before they end up in the compactor. just ask the local store manager to put some aside for you. It is a regular request and one that they usually oblige. They are also available to buy from a lot of companies. A simple Google search will offer you a selection.   


Don’t overfill boxes and bags. Remember they have to be lifted and the last thing you want is one bursting. Soft clothing is fine in black bags. These are sometimes like gold dust for the van packers. They fill spaces and offer protection to delicate items. Boxes stack best and can be moved quickly and safely on trolleys. Give each room in the new house a number and write the number on the box for the room they are to go to. This makes life much easier for the removal company as they don’t have to be constantly asking where items are to go.

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